the property belongs to the Provincia of S. Michele Arcangelo of the Friars Minor of Puglia and Molise

There is news of the presence of the first minor friars in Apulia since the year 1216 (see 1 Vitry 11: FF 2208). The Province of Apulia is one of the eleven Provinces established by San Francesco in 1217. Around 1221 San Francesco was in Apulia. It was certainly in Bari, but the tradition, which has been known since the end of the fourteenth century, is also founded that he visited the Sanctuary of San Michele Arcangelo on Monte Gargano. In the series of minority provinces of the year 1239, that of S. Angelo in Apulia is distinguished from the other provinces: Provincia Sancti Michaelis Archangeli de Monte Gargano.

managing body Cooperativa Sociale Fo.Co. Onlus

The Social Cooperative  «Formazione e Comunione» (Fo.Co.)  was founded in 2012, with the aim of contributing to the spread of universal fraternity through the pursuit of social rights, subsidiarity and solidarity.

We work for the sustainable development of the territories and for the enhancement of individuals and diversity through the offer of personal services, professional training courses and social planning, always being guided by an ethical code linked to the principles set out in the Charter of Nations United and with the spirit enunciated by the Economy of Communion.

Managing Body Partner Associazione Insieme Verso Nuovi Orizzonti Onlus

Bring joy to those who have lost hope. Opening up new horizons to those who live in situations of profound discomfort.

Nuovi Orizzonti is an international community, widespread in many countries, which aims to intervene in all areas of social hardship by carrying out solidarity actions in support of those in serious difficulty, with particular attention to the many problems that characterize street children and the world of youth.